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Matka 1

With only half hour drive from the city, Lake Matka it’s the favorite runaway for the citizens of Skopje. Matka represents a holy place where you can find a lot of churches and monasteries. In this area you can find 36 holy objects from which the most restored is Sv.Bogorodica, located on the entrance of the Canyon next to the restaurant Peshtera, monastery dedicated to the holy mother, Mary. On the coast of the lake is located the monastery Sv.Andrea, dedicated to the brother of king Marko. Above this monastery is the complex of monasteries Sv.Spas, Sv.Gjogjia and Sv.Troica. On the same rout on the highest point above the Canyon is monastery Sv.Nedela from where you get the most beautiful view on the monastery Sv.Nikola Shishevski, protector of the village Shishevo. Walking among the damn towards the lake, from the left side there is remains from village Kozarevo were also are remains from the monastery Sv.Jovan Zlatoust were is a small spring(for this spring people believe that is blessed and it could help in many daises).

Next to the church Sv.Andrea is located mountain house Matka which has capacity of 30 beds. Before the damn was build, on this location the mountain house and the church were 20 meters above the level of river Treska. On the left side of the mountain hose its install few boards were the visitors of the Canyon are informed about the routs for hiking, flora and fauna as well as information about the cultural and natural heritage you can see in the Canyon. There is also a board with routs for free claiming on the rocks across the Lake Matka.

This Lake is artificial, made for the needs of the damn on river Treska, which is positioned in the valley Treska. The spectacular rocks on the boat sides of the Lake its very popular for the free climbers. There is also little boats that can take you on a trip try the Lake were you can see few caves. The surroundings is great for hiking.

Inside further the Canyon on 6500 meters from the damn towards the river its located a complex of caves, from which the most attractive is cave Vrelo, Krshtalna and Ubava. Underneath on 7metres depth is the entrance of the underwater cave Vrelo.