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Club Statute
Here you can download official Club Statute (only in macedonian).


Professional involvement on projects:

  • Extension of the entrance of the underwater cave Vrelo 2008-2009
  • Organisation of international expedition for research of underwater cave Vrelo 2008-2009
  • Macedonian – Belgian expedition in cave on the spring of river Babuna
  • Waste removal on Lake Matka, around monastery St.Andrea
  • Waste removal on Mavrovo Lake
  • Underwater repair of damn Matka
  • Biological research of underground water and sediment from region of Parishka River
  • Mass media promotion of underwater cave Vrelo
  • Submarine Nemo, 2010
  • Intervention for removing drown people from Tikves Lake
  • Biological research of water and sediment from Big Lake, National Park Pelister
  • Training for demining 2011
  • Waste removal from Ohrid Lake 2011, region of city Struga

Members of:

  • Speleological Federation of Macedonia
  • Macedonian- Slovenian cooperation
  • Members of Association for mountain sports of Macedonia
  • GUWAA – Global underwater awareness association

Cooperation with institutions

  • City of Skopje
  • Macedonian Academy of Science and art (MANU)
  • Ministry for environment Ministry for culture
  • Micrometeorological Institute
  • Natural history museum of Macedonia
  • Natural Mathematics Faculty (PMF)
  • Municipality of Sopishte
  • Agency for protection and rescue
  • Ministry for internal affairs
  • National Park Pelister
  • Private public organisation Jasen
  • NGO Arheologika
  • National institute of archaeology, Albania


  • Exploration and protection of waters in Republic Macedonia

What are the requirements to attend?

We require a good physical health, the ability to swim and a strong desire to work hard. We will train you in everything else.

Do you offer job placement?

No. There are possibilities if a member of the club gets funds from various organizations there may be some financial credits for the work.

Do you offer organized tours?

Yes, we do offer organized tours. Please contact the club at least two weeks in advance to schedule the tour.

Do I need to be a diver already to be a member of the club?

No. With pleasure we accept all interested parties in this sport.

Is financial aid available for training?

No. However if a person brings financial aid in the club, depending on the amount, will receive certain training.

How can I pay for the training?

You can pay in cash or bank transfer.

How much money do I need to begin with this sport?

The cost of the initial training is total of 270 €.

Do you provide equipment for the training?

We will provide you with the entire equipment that you need for all the trainings.

Where is the training taking place?

Two days of the training is conducted in a closed pool and the last day in a lake.

Were in Macedonia can I buy equipment for training?

You can buy or order equipment with a discounted rate if we place the order for you. We carry limited stock and we advise you to contact us in advance if you are willing to purchase some of the equipment.

Can I rent equipment from the club?

Yes you can and there are certain limitations in terms of amount and time.

Is there an age limit for this type of sport?

Minimum age required for this sport is 10 years.