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Vrelo important resource for drinking water suply of Skopje

“Vrelo is amazing cave which is try encounter for exploration. At the same time it’s very complex and it takes time for total research” – said Luigi Casati on today press conference which was held in the cabinet of the Mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, on the end of the expedition “Vrelo 2010”.
He put a special note on the ecological aspect of the expedition, as he believes that in Vrelo is a significant spring of drinkable water that in near future, if we have lack of water, this could be important to help the city. From this reasons he finds that this natural rarities should be also protected. That’s way its important the samples of water and sediment which are collected from different positions and different depth of cave Vrelo. About the dive and the depth of 212 meters that he reached yesterday, which make Vrelo the deepest explored cave on the Balkans, he explained that the explosion of the light he used stopped him to go further.
“When you are in the cave, the only thing you can hear is the sound of your own bride. And when at a sudden you hear an explosion it’s not pleasant. In that moment I admit, I felt fear and I decided to go back” – spoke Casati. On this dept is the biggest gallery of the cave wide 45 and high 25 meters. It finishes five meters deeper were it opens new two corridors from which one continues horizontal, the second one continues deeper. This one is tighter – wide 4 meters and high 2 meters, which means it’s very tight but it’s possible to dive. And that will be our aim for the next year dive. probably at that point will be explored other galleries that he saw on the way, like the one on 70 meters depth and the one on 180 meters, which says that Vrelo it’s a complex cave and gives a lot of space for exploration.
The Mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, give a appreciation to Casati for its courage to go on this depths and to the whole team of Italian, Belgian and Greek cave divers, as well to the members of club Vrelo. Cave diving club Vrelo initiated Skopje and Macedonia to reach one more achievement. The Mayor announced that for the next year city of Skopje will again be host for the new expedition. At the same time he informed the team that together with Ministry for internal affairs are providing helicopter for coverage Matka from air, for the movie about Matka and Vrelo. In this purpose in Macedonia arrived Alesandro Gato, famous producer in Canal 5, Italy. This film will be presented on the Italian chanels. Besides of the city of Skopje this expedition was helped from Ministry of economy, mobile operator ONE, ELEM, Remedika, JP Jasen, Agency for protection and rescue and the Federation for Mountain sports of Macedonia.