Изберете јазик

Recording shaft in Steel Plant

On 23.01.2012 five crew members of the team CDC Vrelo worked on recording the shaft pool of collector. Previously submitted documents listed below and was presented to the overall protection equipment for the safe implementation of the recording.

  • Confirmation by an authorized institution for executive health check.
  • Certificates of technical diving and training for work in closed space.
  • Attested equipment (protective equipment: helmet with a lamp, apparatus for measuring the amount of oxygen in the air detector, 2 communication devices, protective belt, lowering rope equipment, waterproof gloves, waterproof boots, waterproof suit, 4 breathing containers, using Full face masks, two alpine ropes and karabiners.
  • Plan for evacuation of people and medical staff.
  • Medical teams from Emergency.
  • Supervision by a responsible party.