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Pelister, the Big Lake 2010

Pelister-Golemo-ezero-09-2010-4For the weekend of 18 and 19 September 2010 the cave diving club Vrelo in cooperation with National Park Pelister and license from the Ministry for environment, dived in Big Lake, one of the Pelister eyes under the hill of Pelister on Baba Mountain.
The aim of this dive was to collect samples of water from different depth for the needs of Hidro-metorogical Institute of Macedonia. The samples were collected, but also the divers found another interesting discovery.
Among the coast, on 2-3 meters depth were found parts of armor, mostly hand bombs, granites, parts of guns, knives, helmets and other objects that were part of the first and second world war.
For this discovery, the local authorities were informed.