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International expedition vrelo 2010

The international expedition for research of the underwater cave Vrelo on Matka officaly started on 10th July when in Macedonia arrive the team from Italy lead from cave diver Luigi Casati.

The research of underwater caves started on 5th July with the Belgium team of the expedition lead from mark Van Der Mulen, who explored the cave on river Babuna. In this cave there are lake and waterfall were dived Van Der Mulen and they are planning to continue exploration together with our cave divers.

Our cave Vrelo, from what has already been explored its length is 300 meters horizontal, were continue in to depth. On 130 meters it’s splitting into two corridors. Casati went in the right corridor up to 190 meters depth. Personal record of the cave diver is 212 meters in cave in Italy and it’s possible in Vrelo to go further. In Europe the biggest depth was one cave diver went is 221 meters in cave in Italy.

The team that’s working on the exploration of the cave are: Luigi Casati, Alesandro Fantini, Nadia Boki, Mark Van Der Mulen, Roze Cosimus, Vincent Poisson, Nikolas Avrentinis, and from our side members from cave diving club Vrelo: Kiro Angeleski, Vasil Sokolov and Bojan Petkovski. The expedition, organized from Federation for mountain sports of Macedonia its sponsored from City of Skopje and Ministry for economy who covered the expenses for equipment and accommodation for the foreign cave divers. Other sponsors are: mobile operator ONE, Remedika, ELEM and JP Jasen.