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Casati in the left coridor went up to 158 meters

Vrelo 2010The left corridor was full with mud and with very low visibility. The Italian cave diver Luigi Casati, today, as he announced, he made his first dive into the depth of the underwater cave Vrelo on Matka. On the depth of 130 meters were the cave splits into two corridors, he enters the left corridor on 158 meters, which last year was not explored. He could not continue further due to a bad visibility. By Casati, this corridor was filed with mud, passably from the low movement of the water, that on the way back the visibility was only one meter. This corridor is tighter from the right one which is wide 20 to 30 meters. New dive Casati plans for Thursday, probably again in the left corridor, after which he will make a break due to his trip for the weekend on a conference of cave divers in Rome, which is very important for him.
Next dives will continue next week and then he will decide in which corridor to make deeper dive, further then he reached last year. Cave Vrelo, till what was explored, its length in horizontal is 300 meters from were starts going deeper. On 130 meters the cave splits into two corridors.
Casati last year dive in the right one up to depth of 190 meters and in the left one up to 158 meters.