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Casati dived 212 meteres depth were Vrelo again splits in two corridors

In his new try to go as deeper in the underwater cave Vrelo, Luigi Casati went on 112 meters depth, which is his record achieved in cave in Italy. Deeper he could not go for reason that the cave on this level splits in two corridors. Besides that, from the heavy rain in the past days, the visibility in the cave was bad, also from the huge pressure the lamp got broken which unable him to orient were to dive father.
On this depth he riches after nearly 3 hours dive, which is the same length of the process for return or decompression.
With its morphology, our cave Vrelo seams that is very hard and complicated for diving and it’s not possible to explore fast. It’s hard from the reason that to come up to part where you can go into bigger depth it’s needed first to pass horizontal 420 meters to the chamber called the twilight zone. From here it goes into depth were on 130 meters its splits in two corridors. From his newest explore on 212 meters she is again splitting into two. With the newest results of Casati, Vrelo shares the second place of caves in Europe in which man has went deepest, together with the Italian cave Vrelo on Goraca.