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Expedition Gjonovica 2015

The first team of  expedition composed of eleven members exploring the cave Gjonovica already third day exceeded the final point of exploring inside. The team consisted of Goce Dimitrievski (SDC ,,Vrelo“) Darko Nedanovski (SC “Zlatovrv” from Prilep) and Buleski Alexandar (RLS “hot” – BOTTUM TIME – Ohrid) exceeded the final point so far explored, at 1100 meters, still  breaking through new 40 meter inside the cave. While revealing many new openings, catchment channels in the flow through the cave. Meet colorful figures of difference geological composition, much larger water reservoirs with a depth greater than 3 meters.

In an expedition that took place from 23:09 to 28/09/2015 year, with the support of the Municipality of Gostivar, Ministry of Economy and locals, participated speleologist and diver clubs “Ursus speleo”, “Aquatec” SK “Zlatovrv” from Prilep, BOTTUM TIME from Ohrid and organizer SDC ,,Vrelo“ from Skopje.

It opens a large space for research, primarily on the composition of the water and the whole area, which is a challenge for both speleologist and cave scientists from different scientific fields.

We expect new insights wildlife, water and soil from the inside, based on samples that are attached to the scientists involved in the expedition.

There were wonderful figures in parts of the cave that are abundant as in any cave in the Balkans. Unpleasant sight is the beginning of entering the cave where the damage observed in the figures written names with objects and spray scrawled initials.

vlcsnap-2015-09-28-16h06m32s47The expedition was the opportunity for the commission of mountain rescue to check the capabilities of young speleologist and divers under formation of rescue teams for intervention in any accidents difference of character: in the cave (dry or underwater) in urban areas and in all  water areas.

The continuation of research in the coming years will focus on exploring the underwater pool which appears endpoint of the explored part of the cave. In one setting the instrument to measure the composition of the water and shoot the entire area, which should uncover many secrets of the whole cave system.